I am happy to advise graduate and undergraduate student projects in Sociology and Global Studies on a number of topics, such as:

  • globalization and culture
  • global literature (including film)
  • visual culture (especially photography and documentary film)
  • migration and refugees (especially from humanities perspectives)
  • critical development studies (again, from humanities perspectives)
  • identity politics (including gender, race, ethnicity, class)
  • policing and security (especially ethnographic studies of 'the everyday')
  • social movements
  • critical theory
  • cultural studies

If you are considering a topic that I have not listed here, yet you think I am the right person to advise you anyway, please contact me and discuss your idea. 

Masters Thesis Advising

Nursyazwani bte Jamaludin, Sociology

  • Title TBD

Amoz Hor, Political Science

  • "'The Local' in the Humanitarian Psyche: How Emotions of Humanitarian Workers Mediate Everyday Practices"

Graduate Independent Study Module Supervision

Nursyazwani bte Jamaludin

  • "Emotion, Feeling, Affect: Framing Refugee Studies"

Honours Thesis Advising

Cheryl Tan Wan Mei, Sociology, 2018

  • Title TBD (music buskers in Singapore)

Fadhil Alsagoff, Global Studies, 2018

  • Title TBD (Hadrami sadaa Muslims in Singapore, negotiating modernities)

Shih Shih-Yu, Global Studies, 2017

  • "Global Cities Under Postcolonial Urbanization: Copenhagen, Mumbai, Singapore"

Constance Siew, Global Studies, 2017

  • "Interpretations of Cosmopolitanism: ASEAN and EU"

Natalie Chia, Political Science, 2016

  • "The Practice of Refugee Everyday Life: Syrian Refugees in Kuala Lumpur"

Derek Wong, Political Science, 2016

  • "The Press Released? An Analysis of the Freedom of The Straits Times Based on Migrant Labor Issues of 2012-2013"

Lee Qin Sheng, Political Science, 2015

  • "Critiquing the Liberal Paradox of Migration: Migration Management in the EU, Qatar, and Singapore"

Undergraduate Independent Study Module Supervision

Joanna Ng, Global Studies, 2017

  • Title TBD

Michelle Loke Yook Lin, Political Science, 2017

  • "The Politics of Oriental Women's Bodies: Cinema, Visual Pleasure, and Gendered Sexual Violence"

Muhammad Khairul bin Abdul Rahim, Global Studies, 2016

  • "Global Health (Inequalities) for All?"

Isis Iskandar, Political Science, 2016

  • "Rally 'Round the Hashtag: Twitter as Feminist Counterpublic in #Bringbackourgirls"

Natalie Chia, Political Science, 2015

  • "Ethnographic Tools in Migrant Political Space"

Global Studies Internship

Diyanah Nasuha bte Omar Bahri, NUS Museum, 2017