Teaching Interests

Globalization; migrants and refugees; cultural studies; postcolonial theory; qualitative research; sociology and social theory

National University of Singapore

Department of Sociology

Sociology of Popular Culture

  • Undergraduate Lecture Course
  • Fall 2017

Theory and Practice of Cultural Studies

  • 3rd Year Undergraduate Seminar
  • Fall 2016

Sociology of Migration

  • 4th Year Undergraduate Honours Seminar
  • Spring 2017

Global Studies Program

Globalization, Culture, and Identity

  • 4th Year Undergraduate Honours Seminar
  • Spring 2017

Colonial, Anticolonial, Postcolonial Globalizations*

  • 4th Year Undergraduate Honours Seminar
  • Spring 2016, Fall 2016

Inquiry and Method

  • 3rd Year Undergraduate Lecture Course
  • Spring 2015, Fall 2015

Global Governance

  • 2nd Year Undergraduate Lecture Course
  • Fall 2014, Spring 2017

Global Issues

  • 1st Year Undergraduate Exposure Module
  • Fall 2017

Anticipated Teaching (Spring 2018)

  • Understanding Globalization (lecture)
  • Globalization, Culture, and Identity (seminar)
  • Global Studies and Humanities Research* (lecture)

* = New courses developed, approved, added to NUS catalog.


Ohio State University

Global Culture

  • Undergraduate Capstone Seminar, Department of Comparative Studies
  • Taught 5x

Introduction to Comparative Cultural Studies

  • Undergraduate Introductory Course (Seminar + Lecture), Department of Comparative Studies
  • Taught 2x

American Identity in the World, Department of Comparative Studies

  • 2nd Year Writing Course
  • Taught 3x

School and Society, Department of Educational Studies

  • Undergraduate Seminar
  • Taught 7x